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X-RAY RUNS: Apply for Beamtime

2017  Nov 1 - Dec 21

2018  Feb 7 - Apr 3
2018  Proposal/BTR deadline: 12/1/17

2018  Apr 11 - Jun 4
2018  Proposal/BTR deadline: 2/1/18

MacCHESS is offering an intensive HOWTO course in BioSAXS. A day of lectures on basics and software tutorials by experienced practitioners in the field will be followed by actual data collection on two MacCHESS beamlines (F1 and G1 stations).

While the primary purpose of the course is educational, students may bring a limited number of their own research samples. Prepared standard protein samples will be available to all students for practice.

Course topics:

  • Basic principles and processing methods
  • Critical sample preparation tips
  • Evaluating data quality
  • Computing envelopes and data modeling
  • Overview of advanced and emerging methods
  • Online size-exclusion chromatography (SEC)*, multi-angle and dynamic light scattering (MALS/DLS)
  • What you need to know for publication

*Because online SEC is a very time-consuming experiment, we can't currently offer that to students during the workshop, but detailed must-know information on the technique will be provided so students can take advantage of the method in future visits.

Students will be assigned into small groups for 5 hour data collection slots starting Thursday night and running on till Sunday morning. If you are coming as a group or if you need a particular time slot (due to early departing flight), please notify Richard Gillilan ( for scheduling. After your data collection slot, there are no officially scheduled activities, so you may wish to make your travel arrangements once you know when your slot will be.


     R. Gillilan (MacCHESS)
     A. Acerbo (MacCHESS)
     K. Gupta (UPENN Medical school)
     T. Grant (Hauptman-Woodward Institute)
     N. Ando (Princeton)
     S. Meisburger (Princeton)

** Please also specify if you wish to bring your own samples.**