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June 9-10, 2015

Tuesday - Wednesday

120 Physical Sciences Building
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

PSB Floor Plan  •  Poster Abstracts

CHESS Users' Meeting
Monday, June 8th
18:00 UEC Meeting Statler Hotel
Tuesday, June 9th
SESSION 1 Chair, Katsu Murakami, Chair, CHESS Users’ Executive Committee (Pennsylvania State University)
07:45 Registration, Poster setup, Coffee PSB West Pavillion
08:30 Welcome - Katsu Murakami, Chair, CHESS Users’ Executive Committee (Pennsylvania State University) PSB 120
08:35 Welcome from the Director - Joel Brock (Director, CHESS) PSB 120
08:55 Status of CESR - Jim Shanks (CESR) PSB 120
09:15 New Capabilities at CHESS - Ernie Fontes (Associate Director) PSB 120
09:30 Status of MacCHESS - Marian Szebenyi (Director, MacCHESS) PSB 120
09:45 InSitμ update - Matt Miller (Associate Director) PSB 120
10:00 Break PSB South Passageway
  UEC voting available (computer stations set up at Registration desk) PSB West Pavillion
SESSION 2 Chair, Patrick Clancy, Member, CHESS Users’ Executive Committee (University of Toronto)
10:20 Student paper prize announcement and photos PSB 120
10:25 Student paper prize winner - Gaurav “Gino” Giri "One-dimensional self-confinement promotes polymorph selection in large-area organic semiconductor thin films" PSB 120
10:50 CHESS strategic plan - Joel Brock (Director, CHESS) PSB 120
11:20 NSF update - Tom Rieker (Program Director, Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers, DMR, NSF) PSB 120
11:50 Lunch and user discussion
Clark Atrium
SESSION 3 Chair, Tobias Hanrath, Past Chair, CHESS Users’ Executive Committee (Cornell University)
13:00 Jarrod French (Stony Brook University) "Manipulating and Patterning Protein Crystals using Surface Acoustic Waves" PSB 120
13:30 Aaron Stebner (Colorado School of Mines) "Studying the Micromechanics of Martensitic Phase Transformations using High Energy Diffraction Microscopy" PSB 120
14:00 Hongyou Fan (Sandia National Laboratories and University of New Mexico) "Nanomaterials under Stress: A New Opportunity for Nanomaterials Synthesis and Engineering" PSB 120
14:30 Break
PSB South Passageway
SESSION 4 Chair, John Nagle, Member, CHESS Users’ Executive Committee (Carnegie Mellon University)
14:50 Scott Showalter (Pennsylvania State University) "Assessing Intrinsically Disordered Protein Structure and Function" PSB 120
15:20 Maxime Leroux (Argonne National Laboratory) "Raising the superconducting Tc by adding defects in 1/8 doped La2-xBaxCuO4" PSB 120
15:50 Users’ Executive Committee election results - Katsu Murakami, Chair, CHESS Users’ Executive Committee (Pennsylvania State University) PSB 120
16:00 Poster Session PSB South Passageway
  Photo CHESS UEC Members (meet at registration desk) PSB West Pavillion
  Refreshments PSB West Pavillion
  CHESS tour (meet at Registration desk) Wilson Lab
18:00 Reception Clark Atrium
19:00 Dinner Clark Atrium
19:55 Poster prize announcements - Joel Brock (Director, CHESS) Clark Atrium
20:00 After-dinner talk by Dr. Linda Nicholson (Cornell University) "The Posse Foundation: Building Bridges from the 'Hood to the Tower" Clark Atrium
"Hands-on Workshop on Methods of X-ray Emission Spectroscopies"
Wednesday, June 10th
08:00 Registration PSB West Pavillion
08:45 Welcome - Ken Finkelstein, Workshop Organizer (CHESS, Cornell University) PSB 120
08:55 Serena DeBeer (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Chemische Energiekonversion) "X-ray Emission Spectroscopy as a Probe of Catalysis" PSB 120
09:40 Christopher Pollock (Pennsylvania State University) "Biological Applications of X-ray Emission Spectroscopy: Structure and Mechanism of Ribonucleotide Reductases" PSB 120
10:20 Break PSB West Pavillion
10:40 Young-June Kim (University of Toronto) "Local moment physics in iron based superconductors" PSB 120
11:20 Kyle Lancaster (Cornell University) "Elucidating Biological Energy Transduction from Ammonia" PSB 120
12:00 Lunch Clark Atrium
13:00 Ken Finkelstein (CHESS, Cornell University) "X-ray Emission Spectrometers: Now and Coming Soon" PSB 120
13:40 Things to know for a successful experiment - Young-June Kim PSB 120
14:00 Data collection, processing, calibration and fitting - Christopher Pollock PSB 120
14:30 Break PSB West Pavillion
14:50 DFT modeling - Serena DeBeer PSB 120
15:20 Mario U. Delgado-Jaime (Utrecht University) "Holistic Approach to Probe the Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Complexes from X-ray Spectroscopy" PSB 120
Thursday, June 11th
morning Data reduction, DFT modeling tools Wilson Lab
afternoon Data collection C-line, CHESS
Friday, June 12th – Sunday, June 14th
Data collection continues…
"Fast framing detectors and their applications in time-resolved crystallography/BioSAXS"
Wednesday, June 10th
08:00 Registration PSB West Pavillion
08:45 Welcome - Tiit Lukk, Workshop Organizer (MacCHESS, Cornell University) 247 Clark Hall
SESSION 1 Chair, Tiit Lukk (MacCHESS, Cornell University): Fast framing detectors and new science
09:00 Kate Shanks (Cornell University) "Introduction to fast-framing detectors" 247 Clark Hall
09:40 Robert Thorne (Cornell University) "Radiation Damage to Protein Crystals by Intense Synchrotron Beams" 247 Clark Hall
10:20 Break PSB West Pavillion
SESSION 2 Chair, Lois Pollack (Cornell University): Time-resolved SAXS
10:40 Time-resolved SAXS - Lois Pollack (Cornell University) "Watching biomolecules fold, interact and function" 247 Clark Hall
11:20 Time-resolved SAXS - Tsutomu Matsui (SSRL) "Time-resolved SAXS: a way from structure to dynamics of biomolecules" 247 Clark Hall
12:00 Lunch Clark Atrium
SESSION 3 Chair, Sol Gruner (Cornell University): Time-resolved crystallography
13:00 Time-resolved crystallography - Philip Anfinrud (NIDDK, NIH) "Picosecond Photobiology: Watching a Signaling Protein Function in Real Time via 150 Picosecond Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction and Solution Scattering" 247 Clark Hall
13:40 Time-resolved crystallography - Uwe Weierstall (Arizona State University) "Serial Millisecond Crystallography with an LCP injector" 247 Clark Hall
14:20 Concluding remarks - Tiit Lukk 247 Clark Hall