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X-RAY RUNS: Apply for Beamtime

2017  May 17 - Jun 29

2017  Nov 1 - Dec 21

CHESS users


Users' Executive Committee


Meredith Silberstein (Chair, 2017)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Cornell University

Kyle Lancaster (Vice-Chair 2018)
Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cornell University

J. Patrick Clancy (2016)
Dept. of Physics
University of Toronto

Hongyou Fan (2016)
Dept. of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
The University of New Mexico

Katsu Murakami (Past-Chair, 2016)
Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Pennsylvania State University

John Smedley (2017)
Instrumentation Division
Brookhaven National Lab

Marian Szebenyi (Ex Officio, non-voting)
Director, MacCHESS
Cornell University

Matthew Miller (Ex Officio, non-voting)
Director, In-SitĀµ
Cornell University