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The Spring05 G-Line Symposium was held on

Wednesday, February 2, 2005
6:00 p.m.

Wilson Commons (3rd floor)

G-Line's Arthur Woll, Sr. Research Associate, hosted the second semi-annual G-Line Symposium on Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at Wilson Lab. Since it's (G-line's) commissioning in 2002 it's mission has been two-fold; to serve both as a lightning rod for new research directions and a training ground for future leaders in synchrotron-based research.  This February's symposium showcased both the excellence and diversity of student-led research conducted at G-line.   Sol Gruner, Director of CHESS, was very pleased with the research presented at the symposium and commented that "as an educator, it was gratifying to see how appreciative the students were of CHESS, not only of their advisors and the facility, but of the staff here at CHESS who they work with on a daily basis." 

The symposium kicked off with a welcome from Arthur Woll providing the participants with information about the upcoming April/May 2005 run and necessary administrative paperwork to request time on G-line.  March 1, 2005 is the deadline for Project Descriptions on G-line, for more information please contact Arthur Woll.

Our featured Graduate Students who presented research were from four different groups located here at Cornell University.

Microstructure of Thin Films of Ruthenium Bipyridine Derivatives in Organic Light Emitting Devices (ppt) (pdf)
Presented by:  Daniel Blasini (Abruña Group), Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell

RNA Folding at G-1 Station (pdf)
Presented by:  Jessica Lamb (Pollack Group), Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell

Thin Film Strain Experiments in the G2 Hutch (pdf)
Presented by:  Dave Nowak, Materials Science & Engineering, Cornell

Time-Resolved Studies of Pulsed Laser Deposition Growth of Complex Oxide Thin Films (talk unavailable)
Presented by:  Darren Dale (Brock Group), Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell