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2017  Nov 1 - Dec 21

2018  Feb 7 - Apr 3
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2018  Apr 11 - Jun 4
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Synchrotron Resources for Future Investigations of Thin-Film Growth, Processing, and Characterization


Date: June 8
Local organizer: Arthur Woll
External co-organizers: Charles R. “Chip” Eddy (Naval Research Lab)


Recent years have witnessed an extraordinary increase in the interest and investment in existing and novel thin film systems, such as high-K dielectrics, III-V nitride semiconductors, complex oxides, and two-dimensional material systems. This expansion is driven both by specific requirements of particular industries and a general recognition of the potential for thin-film technology and engineering to yield new and improved properties and applications. Accelerating progress in developing these technologies will require improved capabilities in thin-film growth process, post-growth processing and material characterization, as well as improved and more general access to these techniques. This workshop will bring together leaders in both thin-film technologies and synchrotron science to discuss the role synchrotron science can and should play in helping advance thin-film technologies.

Speakers: Klaus Attenkofer (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Sonal Dey (SUNY Polytechnic Institute), Charles Eddy (Naval Research Laboratory), Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Kyle M. Shen (Cornell University), John Smedley (Brookhaven National Laboratory)



Talks & Abstracts • PSB Floorplan • Participants


Wednesday, June 8   -   Physical Sciences Building, Room 401

Investigations of Thin-Film Growth, Processing, and Characterization - Part I   Watch YouTube Live


Upgrade plans - Joel Brock


"Correlated Quantum Materials in the Atomically Thin Limit"

Kyle Shen (Cornell University)


"Advancing Understanding of Challenging Materials for the Navy – Opportunities for X-rays"

Charles Eddy (Naval Research Laboratory)




"Status of the In-Situ Growth and Processing Hutch at the ISR beamline at NSLS-II"

Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


"In Situ X-ray Analysis of Thin-Film Photocathodes"

John Smedley (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


Morning wrap up discussion


LUNCH - Clark Atrium

Investigations of Thin-Film Growth, Processing, and Characterization - Part II   Watch YouTube Live


"Infrastructure and data challenges of hard X-ray spectroscopy in-situ growth experiments"

Klaus Attenkoffer (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


"Synchrotron Metrology for Semiconductor Devices below 10nm Technology Node"

Sonal Dey (SUNY Polytechnic Institute)






Closeout & Summary


DINNER - Wilson Lab Lower Lawn